English 101 Blog #4 Assignment

For your blog #4, after you post your notes, you will reflect on Zakaria’s essay.  This is invention/pre-writing for your Essay #2 Assignment Summer 2013 Clark College, so please do not use your syllabus-provided freebie for this assignment.  In addition, this assignment will serve you best if you post your notes on Zakaria’s essay first.  Both assignments are due Sunday night before midnight.

Please practice divergent thinking (remember Sir Ken Robinson) as you answer these questions.  Remember that you do not need to answer all of them– you can pick one or two– or jump around and answer many of them.  In addition, if you have OTHER responses to Zakaria’s essay, you may feel free to write about those.

1) The title of the essay is a question.  How does Zakaria introduce and explain and DEVELOP this question in the beginning of the essay?  What concrete, specific examples does he give to frame this question?  What examples jump out at you or interest you specifically?

2) Does Zakaria ever ANSWER the question?  If so, does he answer it the beginning of the essay?  The end of the essay?  In the middle?  HOW does he answer the question?

3) Is this essay an ARGUMENT?  In other words, is Zakaria trying to get his readers to DO or THINK something new?  If so, what does he want his reader to DO or think about differently as a result of reading this essay?  What QUOTES can you pull out to support your answer?

4) Is Zakaria’s essay exploratory?  In other words, is the purpose of this essay more to SET UP a question and then explore potential answers?  If so, then what is the answer?  Or does he give several answers?

5) Does Zakaria’s essay have a THESIS?  In other words, is there one sentence that reflects the essay’s FOCUS?  If so, what is it?  Where is that sentence? Is it in the beginning of the essay?  Or does it arrive near the end of the essay?

6) Which specific ideas do you AGREE with?  WHY?  What personal experiences do you have to support your answers and link with Zakaria’s thoughts?

7) Are there specific ideas you do NOT agree with?  Again, why not?  Do you have personal experiences that contradict what Zakaria is saying?

8) What questions do you have about this article?

9) What parts did you not understand?  Write about specific areas of the essay where you found yourself not quite grasping what he meant and/or what he means.

10) What personal experiences do you have that come up when you read this essay?  What have you read about or observed that you also see in Zakaria’s article? For example, when Jen taught this essay spring quarter, the students made a lot of connections between Zakaria’s claims about INFRASTRUCTURE (bridges and roads) and the collapse of the I-5 bridge up north.

Your blog must be a focused freewrite on Zakaria’s article.  It is due on Sunday night the 4th of August before midnight.  Again, please post your NOTES as a blog before you do this freewrite, and then use your notes to help you remember specific points from Zakaria.


4 thoughts on “English 101 Blog #4 Assignment

  1. Where is the notes for this blog 4? The assignment is explained in a very confusing way at least to me. I understand we are to read and do the exercise in the assignment, but whats the notes for? Why aren’t we focused more on the fact of finding more ways to create our paper and focus on more ways to communicate to find and reach out to people for help on our research papers? I am just confused how this blog helps us in our operation of writing and research.

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