Blog #5 for English 101

Blog #5 is all about your inquiry question and the two articles you find in response to your inquiry question. Please consider the following:

  • What inquiry question did you start with when looking for articles? What are some possible new inquiry questions that have come to you based on your research?
  • What two articles did you find? Who wrote them? Where did you find them? How did you find them?
  • How is each article in conversation with Zakaria?
  • How does each article answer your inquiry question(s)?

Answering these questions should help you invent for Essay #2, so this is probably not a good blog to skip. (Of course, is there ever really a good blog to skip?)

Happy researching!




4 thoughts on “Blog #5 for English 101

  1. If you are talking about an article from CBS news, then yes, although I recommend checking out the library databases befor relying on other sources. If you are talking about a broadcast, then no. The assignment for this week was to find two articles. Happy hunting!

  2. wow! I don’t understand when we need to articles? I really don’t understand about what I need to do. I am sorry I don’t understand. Can you help me please. Thanks Jennifer

  3. Jennifer,

    The two articles were to use to write about for blog #5 (which was due Sunday). They should be articles that address your inquiry question and that are “in conversation” with Zakaria’s essay. Writing about your sources will help you invent for Essay #2, giving you ideas and evidence for your own argument. I hope this helps. If you are still not sure how to build towards the rough draft of your essay, come talk to me after class in my office (FHL 101).


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