Carving out the Angel when Running with Scissors: ENGL 102, Week Six, Monday/Tuesday

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

However you look at it, as “breaking up” or breaking in, revision is, as Ballenger says, “hard to do” (185). You have to chisel, ax, cut, carve, mold, shape, add. Wrestle, coax, outfox, finesse. The good thing is that you have your block of marble now. You have your relationship. You have 10 pages. Now, this week and next, we’ll work on “reconceiving” those 10 pages into a reader-based work of academic art.

Monday and Tuesday (8/12 & 8/13): Global Revisions – Revising for Purpose, Thesis, and Structure

Part I:  Reestablishing your purpose. Fill in template on p.188. Write it at the top of a Word doc. Complete Exercise 5.1. Write your answers to Ballenger’s questions at the bottom of p.189 and top of p.190 in the same Word document.

Part II: Running with scissors. Find/highlight your thesis statement as it appears in the draft. Write that next in your Word document. Review the structures on p.151 or p.153. Examine your essay against the information your structure “should” have. Write what you have and what’s missing in your Word document.

Then, complete Exercise 5.3.

Part III: Reflection. Print out two copies of your Word doc. One for you and one for Lindsay. On the back of the one for Lindsay, write your name. The, “examine the wreckage” from Exercise 5.3. In a brief memo, tell Lindsay what you think you need to do now to revise your paper? Then, ask her any questions you have about global revision.

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One thought on “Carving out the Angel when Running with Scissors: ENGL 102, Week Six, Monday/Tuesday

  1. I had to come back to this. At this point I had a “relationship,” but not a good one. I certainly could not “see the angel.” It sometimes (most times?) takes “breaking up” to find a “good relationship.” I know that you have too much reading without such trivial replies, but I felt the
    need to express the feeling. Thanks for everything.

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