English 101 Blog #6

Use this blog to start drafting Essay #2. As you go, you may also want to comment on your own draft, on how you are trying to apply what you learned in class this week. For example, write your introduction and then talk about what you learned about introductions. What strategy did you use for your introduction? How does it set the tone of your essay? How does it engage readers and guide them to your inquiry question? Then you can do the same for body paragraphs. What pattern are you using in your body paragraphs? Are you making an evidence sandwich? Employing synthesis?

If it is too inhibiting to employ this blended style, then by all means just get to that shitty rough draft or just reflect on what you learned in class this week.

Another direction to take your blog would be to comment on any new sources you found since Blog #5. Who wrote them? What are they about? Where did you find them? How did you find them? How does each one answer your inquiry question? How is each in conversation with Zakaria and your other sources? Answering these questions will help you reflect on your process (which is also invention for Essay#3–stay tuned) AND invent for your Essay #2 draft.

So many useful directions. Which will you take?



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