In This Voice: We’re Here to PUMP YOU UP! Local Revisions for ENGL 102: Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday (8/14 & 8/15): Local Revision – Revising for Language

Warm Up: TED Talking: Roger Ebert on “Remaking My Voice.” For discussion: What does Ebert’s talk tell us about the importance of voice for speaking and for communicating in our global, digitized world?

Stretching: Using your voice. A discussion of Ballenger pp.202-203.

Cardio: Take notes as your partner reads the first 2 pages of your essay to you. How well are you using your voice according to the criteria in Ballenger? Do you sound like a well-informed “knower” version of yourself? Blog about it.

Weight Training: Choose a page from you paper. Rip it out. Write GESTURES! at the top (and put some crazy stars or smiles or lighting bolts around it – whatever moves you). Go through your page, sentence by sentence, and add at least 5 verbal gestures. If you already have some, highlight those. They count.

Toning: Choose another page from your paper. Rip it out. Write SENTENCES! at the top and decorate accordingly. In this speed round, follow my verbal and on-board instructions to edit for tired phrases, sentence length, verbs, and the passive voice.

Cool Down: Close your eyes and imagine the polished dress rehearsal draft you’ll be turning in on Monday or Tuesday.  Notice how different it is from the one you drafted this week! It’s streamlined, polished, kinda sexy. Imagine feeling its weight in your hands. Turn its pages and marvel at the balanced paragraphs and reader-friendly prose. Feel your heart swell at the strength of your purpose, the clarity of your point, and the dexterity of your prose. Imagine how proud and confident you’ll be when you turn it in and how excited you’ll be to discuss it one-on-one with Lindsay. Now, keep this feeling with you as you move toward this second round of revisions this weekend. Go to this happy place when you’re feeling the stress, knowing that if you can dream it – it’s possible! Have an amazing weekend.

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Author Henry Miller once wrote that “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" and Lindsay has embraced this idea: all learning is a process. Whether traveling, teaching, researching, or finding new ways to be outdoors, she understands that we all start from point A and journey toward new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways of being. It’s the process that should be embraced, not the end product.

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