Pecking of the Lent in the Untied State’s: Bulletproof Reading

But seriously: before we get to the tough work of learning how to proofread and what to look for, I want to take a moment to say write share some thoughts on this day, our last official group meeting. YOU. ROCK. Working with you as a class, as a writing collective, a team of researchers, as fellow intellectuals, has been an honor. Your work has blown me away. I’ve learned tons from you and your graciousness has made me feel like a welcomed and valuable member of your learning community. Thanks, dudes – so excited for conferences and for your final assignments!

Onward. Today’s title says it all – taking a few minutes to polish can ensure that we’re understood by our gentle readership. We’ll start, then, with MLA to see if our formatting is within the bounds of taste and academic decorum (and we’ll collectively decide what that means). After that, let’s tackle Exercise 5.5 and use it to figure out how to make the most of our proofreading process and that little blue book, Rules for Writers.

To these ends, make sure you bring to class Rules, Ballenger, your undying sense of curiosity, a modicum of patience, a big open mind, and your best researcher/teacher voice. You can leave Grandma at home (for her safety).

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About LindsayC.

Author Henry Miller once wrote that “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" and Lindsay has embraced this idea: all learning is a process. Whether traveling, teaching, researching, or finding new ways to be outdoors, she understands that we all start from point A and journey toward new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways of being. It’s the process that should be embraced, not the end product.

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