Carving out the Angel when Running with Scissors: ENGL 102, Week Six, Monday/Tuesday

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

However you look at it, as “breaking up” or breaking in, revision is, as Ballenger says, “hard to do” (185). You have to chisel, ax, cut, carve, mold, shape, add. Wrestle, coax, outfox, finesse. The good thing is that you have your block of marble now. You have your relationship. You have 10 pages. Now, this week and next, we’ll work on “reconceiving” those 10 pages into a reader-based work of academic art.

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Your Very Own WordPress Blog

To start off the class, you will all be creating your own course blogs.

The blogs will help you to track your thoughts throughout the quarter, allow you to reflect on readings and class discussions and the writing you are producing, and give you an outlet to share your writing with a real audience that will provide authentic feedback. Much of your work this quarter will be completed and posted on your individual blogs.

To get started, watch the following video by Professor Torgerson at St. John’s University on setting up a WordPress blog.

For specific instructions on how to sign up for a blog, see the video below and follow the instructions underneath.

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