A Few Thoughts on the Library Visit

Please be sure that you visit the Clark College library, as these librarians encounter hundreds of students each year working on the (dreaded) research essay.  In addition, Clark has many resources targeted specifically for academic research– public libraries have a less specialized audience, and therefore provide access to a completely different realm of sources.

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Research: A Play in Three (or Four) Acts

1:00 to 1:50: Orientation to Clark’s library site (50 minutes) and library orientation to databases/search terms/etc.

5:30 to 6:00: Inquiry Question Questions Answered!

6:00 to 6:50: Orientation to Clark’s library site (50 minutes) and library orientation to databases/search terms/etc.

10 minute break

2:00 to 2:50, 7:00 to 7:50: Your visit to the librarian (how to talk to a librarian, how not to talk to a librarian, how to write your blog post on meeting with the librarian).  This will include role play, so please consider being a volunteer. If you are thinking about volunteering, please check out this website to see what your role might entail.


3:00 to 3:50: Living Sources: A Close Read and active application (50 minutes)

8:00-8:20: Living Sources: A Brief Introduction to Finding the Ethnographer Within: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html – What tools does Brown use for her research? What are her sources? What does she seem to do with her sources? How could you use ethnographic research for your project? What other ways of information gathering could supplement your library research? How can you use ethnographic research to “fill in the gaps”? How would becoming a researcher/storyteller enrich your essay?

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Week Two Goal for 102: Develop FOCUSED Knowledge

First, a Fun YouTube Clip that Jen thinks Relates to Our Class and to the Rest of Your Lives.

Big Picture Goal this Week (Week Two out of Ballenger’s Five Week Process): To move from a WORKING knowledge (a 1 minute dinner conversation) to a FOCUSED knowledge (a 15 or 20 minute presentation to the class).

Ballenger says, “Focused knowledge is the product of smart research [italics mine] this week and the next” (69).

So . . . this week . . . you should be RESEARCHING!  🙂

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Blog #2

Hello, English 101 and English 102 students.

I write this from a dorm room at the very beautiful Evergreen State College.  I had no idea how expansive and extensive and tree-filled this gorgeous campus is!  Deer literally frolic (with their fawns!  I saw Bambi!) as we walk from our lodging to the buildings where we are attending seminars, working on our action plan, and receiving a LOT of homework.  Yes, teachers give each other homework at these things.

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Keeping Track of Your Grade in English 102

Keeping Track of Your Grade in English 102

Please update this sheet as you submit materials.  You will submit a copy, via e-mail, to the instructor (jwhetham@clark.edu) periodically as per her request.  When it is completed, this document is worth 10% of your final grade.  Please compare this sheet to what Jen tracks using Engrade (www.engrade.com)

Click on this link, Keeping Track of Your Grade English 102, for a Word Document.

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Your Very Own WordPress Blog

To start off the class, you will all be creating your own course blogs.

The blogs will help you to track your thoughts throughout the quarter, allow you to reflect on readings and class discussions and the writing you are producing, and give you an outlet to share your writing with a real audience that will provide authentic feedback. Much of your work this quarter will be completed and posted on your individual WordPress.com blogs.

To get started, watch the following video by Professor Torgerson at St. John’s University on setting up a WordPress blog.

For specific instructions on how to sign up for a WordPress.com blog, see the video below and follow the instructions underneath.

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Why Research?

Opening Freewrite: What is research?  Why “the research paper” class?  Why is English 102 required (high school/running start requirement, AA requirement, transfer requirement) by the high school, Clark College, the state?  So what?  Who cares?  What role will research play in your academic life here at Clark?  Your academic life when you transfer?  Your “real” life?

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Writing Your First Blog

Everything we do in class is geared towards giving you ideas to develop in your weekly blog posts.  Every blog post is geared towards helping you write the major course assignment in each class, which is designed to assess the Student Learning Outcomes in the course.  In English 101, the final assignment to SHOW Jen your learning/understanding/comprehension is your final portfolio (particularly the capstone assignment of Essay #2).  In English 102, this assignment is your final research paper.

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